We are flexible both in the way we work, and how we charge, depending on the needs of your project.

Generally, we design and project manage your project, from start to finish, but you may wish to make other arrangements.

If we supply our full range of services, it includes spatial design, aesthetic (concept), its costing, and then detailed development of the scheme (which can include designing and organising bespoke items of furniture, finishes, lighting etc), and then implementation (when we install all of the pieces, and conclude final styling etc).    

Stage 1 - initial spatial planning, concept and budget

Stage 2 - developing the designs, preparing specifications, obtaining quotes, sourcing the actual pieces

Stage 3 - construction and installation

Stage 4 - final styling and handover

You may find the note we give to our clients below helpful to explain the process, and a likely time frame.



We run a very transparent fee system, charging 15% of expenditure, billed in instalments throughout the project, with the final instalment only being paid after the project is completed and you have signed it off.

In addition, as interior designers, we usually receive trade discounts from suppliers, and we share these equally with you, meaning that you are usually buying items at below retail price, which in turn brings down your expenditure, and thus your fees.    Where there is no established retail price, for example where we are designing a bespoke piece for you and it is being made by our trade-only suppliers, we add a flat 15% mark up onto trade price, and that is your price.    

We supply copies of all invoices and quotes to our clients, and they are free to pay the suppliers themselves.

We monitor the ongoing budget throughout the project, in order to ensure projects are kept within original estimates, or, if the scope of the project changes, you can see how and why the budget may change, ensuring you are kept informed and are in control throughout.

The budget is set at the outset of the project, by agreement between us, so that we can ensure it is realistic for what you are seeking to achieve.    If you are unable to supply a budget, we are happy to prepare one for you, which normally takes 2 - 3 days (we work out a broad list of works to be done, furnishings, lighting etc, required), and this gives us an overall total to start with.   We charge a flat rate of £150 per hour for preparation of the budget document, and this is then set against your fees once the project commences.